Event Venues

History Lessons for Event Professionals

From the exchange of ideas among meeting professionals at IMEX in Frankfurt, to powerful collaborations crossing international waters like at the International AIDS Conference, there is no limit to how conventions can change our professional and personal lives, and the course of history.

Sarah Beauchamp

 Trade Shows


This summer a good friend of mine — Brian Honigman, digital marketing manager at Marc Ecko Enterprises — felt like a fish out of water running his own exhibition booth for the first time at the 2012 Ultimate Fighting Championship Fan Expo.

Sarah Beauchamp


CSR: A Love Story

When thinking about corporate social responsibility and events, one doesn’t generally picture a two-person, soap opera-esque play about love and relationships.

Sarah Beauchamp


App-cidents Happen

Before I attended DigitalNow in late April, I went online to download the conference app, and mistakenly downloaded the app for the 2010 conference.

Barbara Palmer

 Budgets + Revenue

GSA: Which Side Is Right?

I'm watching this case unspool from two different perspectives, each one maybe a little different from that of the general public: as someone who works in or for the meetings industry, and as someone who lives in the Washington, D.C., area.

Christopher Durso


Sebastian Thrun's Big Idea

Today is the first-ever national Digital Learning Day, a good day to talk about computer scientist Sebastian Thrun, a Stanford professor who is leaving a tenured position and will teach free online computer science classes to a global audience.

Barbara Palmer