March 2015

Cover Story/CMP Series

How 3D Printing Is Impacting the Meetings Industry

3D printing promises to upend manufacturing, disrupt existing supply chains, and rewrite how products come to market. It’s already led to life-saving innovations in medicine, and groundbreaking advances in construction and design.

Molly Brennan

Cover photography by Eric Helgas


 Meetings Market Survey

Convene's 24th Annual Meetings Market Survey

As global GDP continued to creep upward in 2014, so too did the meetings industry. 

Michelle Russell


 There's A Meeting for That

Inside the Oscars of the Oscars

In 1964 a dozen trophy retailers and suppliers got together to form the Northern California Trophy Dealers Association

Barbara Palmer

 Forward Thinking

4 Strategies to Raise Attendance

I really love analyzing conference-attendee data and revenue. I know, pretty nerdy. But stick with me on this.

Dave Lutz, CMP


Institute for Healthy Destination Accreditation Introduces Wellness Certification

A new certification that puts an emphasis on wellness can help you determine whether hotels and other venues make health, fitness, and the wellbeing of guests a priority.

Michelle R. Davis

Supported Article  Innovative Meetings

How One Conference Built an Emergency Room on the Show Floor

Why did the American College of Emergency Physicians build the emergency department of the future on its show floor? To better serve exhibitors — and improve patient care.

Christopher Durso

 Giving Back

Bringing CSR to a Special-Needs Conference

Community service is important to American Speech-Language-Hearing Association attendees. So the organization brought its CSR program directly to them.

Corin Hirsch


Simple Ways to Increase Survey Response Rates

How can you get attendees to respond to your surveys? By tailoring them for mobile engagement, deploying them strategically, and more.

Kate Mulcrone


A New Mobile App Certificate Course

A new ‘m-learning’ course on mobile app technology is designed to peel away vendor bias and get down to basics.

Barbara Palmer


 Social Media

Leveraging Social Data to Improve Your Meetings

Big data means big change for meetings and conventions.

Kate Mulcrone


Maximizing Attendance

Why do people go to meetings and conventions?

Convene Editors


Is Cuba Meetings-Ready?

In December, President Obama announced that the United States would “normalize relations” with Cuba after more 50 years of estrangement, igniting a flurry of press about who can now travel to Cuba. Just 90 miles from Florida’s southern tip, the steeped-in-time island has tantalized would-be visitors for decades.

Corin Hirsch

 Event Venues

The Sydney Festival's Unique Stage Set

A focal point at this year’s Sydney Festival — an annual celebration of art and culture that encompasses 100 events in more than 30 venues in the Australian city — was Higher Ground, an M.C. Escher–inspired “architectural sanctuary” designed by the Irish-born, U.S.-based artist known as Maser.

Convene Editors

 Career Path

Mike McAllen

Founder, Grass Shack Events & Media; AVforPlanners; and Meetings Podcast

Convene Editors


Off the Beaten Path in the Yucatan

Grand Velas Riviera Maya has perfected the luxury experience for groups.

Kate Mulcrone

 Event Design

6 Ways to Cut Down on Food Waste

Food waste is a growing concern for the entire events industry.

Sandra Wood, CMP

 Post Con

Entomology 2014

Event organizers expected 3,500 attendees (insect experts) at Entomology 2014.

Corin Hirsch

 Pre Con

2015 American Diabetes Association (ADA) EXPO Chicago

The ADA’s most visible initiative is linking diabetes to overall health and wellness.

Kate Mulcrone

Also In This Issue

 To the Point

Positive Results

It was a good year for meetings, but how can we maximize attendance in the future?

Deborah Sexton

 Behind the Scenes

Inquiring Minds

Curiosity is a virtue. And that explains our approach to much of the content we serve up in Convene.

Michelle Russell