February 2016

Cover Story/Meetings & Your Brain

Bringing Mindfulness to Meetings

From the C-suite to the celebrity interview, mindfulness is everywhere. It’s even starting to center itself at meetings and conferences. Here’s why — and what it can do for your attendees.

Kate Mulcrone

Illustration by Irene Rinaldi.

January 2016

Cover Story/CMP Series

Putting the ‘Arrr!’ in Room Block

With all of the pressures on the traditional room block — including pirates, Airbnb, and budget-conscious attendees — is it time to rethink the booking model?

Corin Hirsch

Cover illustration by Tomasz Walenta

December 2015

Cover Story/Knowledge Hubs

Globalizing Knowledge

From Raleigh to Glasgow and Melbourne to London, meetings and trade shows increasingly play a key role in the transfer of knowledge fueling the global economy — and can make a difference that lasts.

Barbara Palmer

Cover illustration by Peter and Maria Hoey

November 2015

Cover Story/CMP Series

Are You Finding the Best Speakers for Your Events?

How are you finding, hiring, and working with speakers — and is there a better way?

Corin Hirsch

Cover photo illustration by Aaron Dyer

October 2015

Cover Story/Big Ideas

How Meetings Can Effect Social Change

Meetings and events increasingly are being invoked as part of the debate over same-sex marriage, race relations, and other hot-button issues.

Regina McGee

Cover illustration by Edel Rodriguez

September 2015

Cover Story/CMP Series

Going-the-Distance Learning

We talked to learning experts about strategies that connect content acquisition to execution.

Michelle Russell

Cover illustration by Ellen Weinstein

August 2015

Cover Story/Best in Show

2015 Best in Show

Join us as we celebrate summer and our annual Best in Show awards.

Convene Editors

Cover illustration by Jungyeon Roh

July 2015

Cover Story/Trends

The Inside-Out Convention Center

Welcome to today's convention center: designed for flexibility, comfort, wellness, connectivity, and community. And a little adventure, too.

Barbara Palmer

Cover illustration by Leif Parsons

June 2015

Cover Story/Meetings & Your Brain

How Sleep Affects Attendee Engagement

Your meetings start too early and go too late, and as a result both you and your attendees are sleep-deprived — and paying the price. How? And what can you do to make your events more sleep-friendly?

Molly Brennan

Cover illustration by Jean Jullien

May 2015

Cover Story/CMP Series

The Complete Guide to Noise at Meetings

Leading AV providers, audiologists, and meeting organizers offer best practices for fine-tuning the sound mix at your meetings and events.

Convene Editors

Cover illustration by Studio Castelao

April 2015

Cover Story/CMP Series

How StrengthsLIVE Revolutionized One Medical Meeting

When the American Osteopathic Association wanted to empower the community of physicians attending its annual conference, it chose to give them a new tool — one that would help participants both take stock of their inherent talents and embrace the traits they share with their entire profession.

Michelle Russell

Cover illustration by Andrew Fairclough

March 2015

Cover Story/CMP Series

How 3D Printing Is Impacting the Meetings Industry

3D printing promises to upend manufacturing, disrupt existing supply chains, and rewrite how products come to market. It’s already led to life-saving innovations in medicine, and groundbreaking advances in construction and design.

Molly Brennan

Cover photography by Eric Helgas