October 2017

Cover Story/CMP Series

How Inclusive Are Your Meetings?

Not everyone feels welcome at your meeting. And some of that could be your fault — because of your speaker lineup, marketing collateral, or something else that’s making them feel like they don’t belong there. Here’s how to open your program to your entire community.

Sarah Beauchamp

Cover Illustration by Ping Zhu

September 2017

Cover Story/Cover Story

The United States of Uncertainty

How are proposed U.S. travel policies affecting international attendance — and projected attendance — at meetings and conferences in the U.S.? We asked event organizers what they are thinking.

Christopher Durso

Cover illustration by Shonagh Rae

August 2017

Cover Story/Cover Story

How Diversity + Collaboration = Innovation

Co-creating solutions has never been more important to both organizations and entire industries. And events can be a big part of that — provided they evolve from their top-down model.

Michelle Russell

Cover illustration by Toby & Pete

July 2017

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Five Trade Shows and How They Grew

Five trade shows in varied fields — healthcare, hotel design, marijuana cultivation, woodworking, and baseball coaching — share the secrets of their success.

Sarah Beauchamp

Cover illustration by Aleksandar Savic

June 2017

Cover Story/Cover Story

Is Your Job Killing You?

Are meeting professionals overworked? Overstressed? Overloaded? Overwhelmed? If you're like the rest of the workforce across the U.S. and around the world — yes, a lot of you probably are.

Christopher Durso

Cover illustration by Red Nose Studio

May 2017

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These Destinations Are Using Virtual Reality to Put You in Their Place

Virtual reality has finally arrived. And destinations and venues are getting increasingly creative about using it for 360-degree tours, high-flying site visits, and more. Grab your headset and take a look.

Ken Budd

Cover illustration by Mike McQuade/Morsa Images/Getty

April 2017

Cover Story/Cover Story

This Is What Medical Meetings Will Look Like in the Future

Is the education model being created at the University of Texas at Austin’s brand-new Dell Medical School a blueprint for your meeting’s future?

Christopher Durso

Cover illustration by Selman Design

March 2017

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Convene's 26th Annual Meetings Market Survey

Still trending upward, but at a slower pace than last year.

Michelle Russell

Cover illustration by Marco Ventura

February 2017

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The Way Forward 

Events over the last year might have you wondering if the world is coming apart. A writer who has committed himself to giving back asks: Can meetings and conventions help put it back together?

Ken Budd

Cover illustration by Sebastien Thibault

January 2017

Cover Story/CMP Series

Meet the Future

New York City’s Future of StoryTelling Summit explores how cutting-edge technology puts audiences at the center of the action. And asks the question: Isn't that where meeting participants belong, too?

Barbara Palmer

Cover illustration by Vidhya Nagarajan

December 2016

Cover Story/CMP Series

Unclear and Present Danger

Event security used to mean looking out for pickpockets on the show floor. Now it's more about anticipating terrorism and active shooters.

Christopher Durso

November 2016

Cover Story/Industry Forecast

16th Annual Meetings Industry Forecast

Six experts on lodging, exhibitions, travel, and technology weigh in on what's next for the meetings industry.

Convene Editors

Illustration by Sergio Membrillas