September 2018

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Making a World of Difference

We spotlight three global events demonstrating how it takes many villages to raise up society.

Michelle Russell

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August 2018

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Best in Show 2018

Celebrating the best of the events industry, including top venues, ideas and experiences from all across the world.

Convene Editors

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July 2018

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Daniel Pink applies the scientific insights in his bestselling book "When" to the scheduling of event programs.

Michelle Russell

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June 2018

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Mindfulness: Working With Your Emotions

Meditation is a powerful tool for increasing focus and reducing stress, but who has time to sit on a cushion at work? Leah Weiss teaches business students and organizations the skills to bring mindfulness into the fray of the workplace.

Barbara Palmer

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May 2018

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Design Thinking: An Event Strategist's Toolkit

Does design thinking sound like a warm and fuzzy approach to meeting planning? Warm, yes, because it’s human-centered. But considering our handful of clear strategies, there’s nothing fuzzy about it.

Barbara Palmer

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April 2018

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Community Service

Spaces in hotels and meeting venues are now being reimagined as communal areas that can accommodate a variety of people’s needs, preferences, and behaviors.

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March 2018

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Is Science Under Fire?

Amid stories of a drop in the participation of U.S. government–funded scientists at conferences and uncertainty over international travel to the U.S., three experts weigh in on the pressures on international scientific meetings.

Convene Editors

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February 2018

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Creating Compelling Digital Experiences

The art and science of combining digital and face-to-face experiences in your meetings strategy.

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January 2018

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The Future Will See You Now

The convergence of health care and technology is reaching an inflection point at a time when other pressures are putting the squeeze on medical meetings. How can they stay relevant in a shifting landscape?

Barbara Palmer

Cover Illustration by Justin Renteria

December 2017

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What's the ROI of F2F?

Hotel nights, direct spending, tax revenue — these numbers capture just a fraction of what face-to-face gatherings mean. As the events industry aims to articulate its true value to lawmakers and the general public, the narrative needs to include both dollars and difference-making efforts.

David McMillin

Cover Illustration by Alvaro Dominguez

November 2017

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How Do Sci-Fi Authors Imagine the Future of Meetings?

We’re beaming in some ringers for this year’s Meetings Industry Forecast: professional science-fiction authors whose job is to figure out how the world — not to mention the universe — might change.

Christopher Durso

Cover Illustration by Diego Patino

October 2017

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How Inclusive Are Your Meetings?

Not everyone feels welcome at your meeting. And some of that could be your fault — because of your speaker lineup, marketing collateral, or something else that’s making them feel like they don’t belong there. Here’s how to open your program to your entire community.

Sarah Beauchamp

Cover Illustration by Ping Zhu